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In light of federal inaction, Michigan LCV calls on state leaders to take bold action on PFAS

Increased transparency needed to protect Michigan communities from water contamination

LANSING – As the Environmental Protection Agency’s “National Leadership Summit” on PFAS kicked off today, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters called on Michigan officials to take bold action to address PFAS contamination in communities across Michigan.

“In the face of continued inaction and withholding of valuable scientific data on PFAS at the federal level, it is up to policymakers and leaders at the state and local levels to protect the 14 communities across Michigan grappling with PFAS contamination,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “Drinking water contamination is an issue that isn’t going away, and we applaud policymakers who are already working to tackle PFAS contamination. We call on lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to demand transparency from state and federal agencies, and act quickly to pass legislation that protects communities impacted by PFAS and cleans up our drinking water.”

According to recent media reportsEPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and officials intervened on the release of a study that purportedly found the level of PFAS exposure that endangers human health is far lower than what the EPA currently recommends. There has been a similar lack of transparency in Michigan, where, according to recent media reports, state regulators are holding “invite-only” neighborhood meetings regarding PFAS contamination in Rockford — bypassing formal meeting announcements and media access.

Meanwhile, in the Michigan Legislature, HB 5373 was introduced late last year that would create an enforceable drinking water standard for PFAS that is 14 times lower than the EPA health advisory threshold. The legislation has remained in the House Committee for Natural Resources since December 2017.


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