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How Red, White, and Blue is Your Secretary of State?

Goal: $2,000 by June 30, 2023


Of our goal completed

It’s easy for elected officials to say they support clean air, water, public lands, and democracy for all. But we all know that in politics, promises don’t always add up to action. That’s why Michigan LCV’s signature scorecards are important! 

Through Michigan LCV’s scorecards, voters can learn which elected officials act to protect our land, air, water, and democracy through decisions and legislation. 

While we’ve developed scorecards for the offices of governor, attorney general, and members of the Michigan Legislature — we think it’s critical that voters know how we score the office of secretary of state as well. This tool will help voters understand who doesn’t just talk the talk but who takes action to protect democracy for all Michiganders. 

Help fund Michigan LCV’s creation of a Secretary of State Scorecard now.

People-Powered Detroit

Goal: $1,000 by July 31st, 2023


Of our goal completed

The residents of Michigan pay higher utility costs than any other state in the Midwest and spend more time in the dark. To add insult to injury, DTE is trying to raise our rates by $622 million — the largest rate increase in the history of our state. Enough is enough; no Michigander should have to sit in the dark while utility companies pay substantial dividends to their investors. 

Your contribution will help Michigan LCV run phone banks to Michiganders affected by outages to increase public comments to the Michigan Public Service Commission. With your help, we can hold DTE accountable for more affordable and reliable service.

$1,000 will fund 1,860 calls from impacted residents – imagine the difference we can make by helping to make their voices heard. 

Lobby Your Legislator Day

Goal: $5,000 by August 31st, 2023


Of our goal completed

What could be more important than helping Michigan’s youth get their political voices heard? We are having a hard time thinking of anything more critical, and we bet you are, too. 

This fall, our Advocacy & Outreach team is hosting a lobby day for students that have completed Michigan LCV’s 16-week canvassing program. We’ll charter three electric buses to bring students from across the state to Lansing to share their concerns about the climate crisis with lawmakers and urge them to prioritize our health and the health of our planet.

Help us get these young activists to the capitol to get their voices heard!