Sign our petition urging the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to pass standards for PFAS in our drinking water!

In 2019, under the direction of Governor Whitmer, the state of Michigan began the process of setting standards for seven types of PFAS chemicals that have been found in water systems across the state.

These standards set actionable limits to the amount of PFAS drinking water can contain and are based on the best science and are protective of public health.

The last step before taking effect is for the limits to be considered by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, made up of members from both the state House and Senate.

If lawmakers must gather together in Lansing, they should be taking critical actions to protect Michigander’s health.  One action they can take immediately is passing the PFAS limits and allowing them to take effect. 

Add your voice, tell the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to pass the PFAS standards to protect our health!

Support safe, lead-free drinking water in schools!

Bipartisan “Filter First” legislation was recently introduced to install water filters in schools and daycares to protect kids against lead in their water. 

Urge your state lawmakers to move forward with “Filter First” legislation to protect the health of kids and ensure schools have lead-free water!

Wanting to do more to fight for the people and places you love?

We have regional coordinators in four regions of the state: southeast, southwest, west, and northern Michigan. Our awesome team loves getting to know activists like you and are here to help you plug into the fight for our communities and our natural resources!

Even if you’re not in one of our core regions, reach out and we’ll be happy to help you get involved locally! While we don’t have coordinators in every corner of the state yet, we have a statewide membership and volunteer teams are already active in communities around Michigan!

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Advocacy & Communication

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  • Take legislative actions
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