Let’s work together to urge our legislators to investigate

Urge your State Rep. to vote YES for solar and energy freedom 

Urge your State Rep. to keep septic waste out of Michigan’s waterways

Urge your State Rep. to oppose the “Drain the Streams” bill

Urge Gov. Snyder to protect state parks by protecting our Trust Fund

Gov. Snyder: Strong standards keep invasive species out of Great Lakes

Tell MI Senate: ‘Bottom of the barrel’ bill bad idea for Michigan

Urge Gov. Snyder: Make clean water your TOP prioritity in 2018

Tell MI House: Don’t dump cost of sewer back-ups on homeowners

Urge MI leaders: Say NO to massive cuts for Great Lakes, public health

Tell your state Senator: Leave our state parks and forests alone

Gov. Snyder: Protect Great Lakes, shut down dangerous pipeline

Tell your legislators: You care and you know the score

Wanting to do more to fight for the people and places you love?

We have regional coordinators in four regions of the state: southeast, southwest, west, and northern Michigan. Our awesome team loves getting to know activists like you and are here to help you plug into the fight for our communities and our natural resources!

Even if you’re not in one of our core regions, reach out and we’ll be happy to help you get involved locally! While we don’t have coordinators in every corner of the state yet, we have a statewide membership and volunteer teams are already active in communities around Michigan!

Join an action team near you!

Advocacy & Communication

  • Advocate publicly for our priorities
  • Take legislative actions
  • Lobby lawmakers
  • Attend legislative in-district events

Outreach & Organizing

  • Tell neighbors and friends about issues
  • Circulate petitions on key issues
  • Attend local events to share our work
  • Organize member events & meetings

Rapid Response

  • Speak with legislators on pressing issues
  • Amplify advocacy on social media
  • Reach out to other supporters
  • Write letters/emails to key targets