No more rate hikes until there is an investigation into poor service by DTE and Consumers Energy

The poor performance from our utility companies in Michigan is unacceptable. During the hottest time of the summer, more than a million Michiganders have gone without power due to frequent outages from storms. Despite the poor performance from our utility companies, DTE and Consumers continue to raise rates by hundreds of millions of dollars nearly each year, with little to no improvement in service. 

The utilities knew this was coming. For years advocates, scientists, and government officials have been imploring them to prepare the grid for climate change, and they failed to act.   

Enough is enough. We need answers.

Sign the below petition to call for a moratorium on rate increases until we get to the bottom of why our utility companies’ performance is so bad yet our energy costs continue to rise. 

Support Legislation for Independent Community Solar

Legislation before the House Energy Committee would help promote locally owned community solar projects across Michigan. House Bills 4715 and 4716 would remove unnecessary restrictions on local solar projects, making it easier for communities to generate their own clean, affordable solar energy. 

A recent report by Michigan State University found that community solar would create 18,500 jobs and contribute $1.4 billion to the economy over the next 30 years, all while reducing pollution in our air and water. 

Michigan has the highest energy costs in the Midwest and some of the worst service. Community solar can help residents lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Send your lawmaker a message urging them to support House Bills 4715 and 4716 to remove barriers to community solar developments.

By filling out your information below, a message will be sent to your state representative.

Urge Congress to Support the Build Back Better Agenda

The Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Agenda will help get our country back on its feet while addressing the climate crisis that’s threatening our health and our Michigan way of life. Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass this transformational plan that will create millions of good quality, high-paying union jobs that modernize our energy, transportation, and water infrastructure and invest in people and communities who too often have been left behind.

Some of the highlights of the plan include:

  • Replacing every lead pipe and service line in America to ensure clean water for all

  • Investing in renewable energy infrastructure

  • Protecting American workers by investing in American manufacturing and protecting workers rights

  • Investing in the future of clean energy transportation by building EV charging stations, electrifying our nation’s school buses and post office fleets, and creating rebates and tax incentives for buying EVs

  • Modernizing our country’s electrical grid

  • Establishing the Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard that will lead utilities to increase their share of renewable energy, and developing tax credits to assist in  Biden’s goal of 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035

  • And more!

We need to make sure this passes and our Michigan Delegation is essential to making that happen. Tell your U.S. Representative and Senator to push for the implementation of the full build back better agenda by delivering the bipartisan infrastructure bill and a budget reconciliation package that puts climate, jobs and justice at the center of it.

Urge your lawmaker to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 429-431

Senate Bills 429-431 would remove local governments’ oversight over sand and gravel mining operations and would instead give the power to regulate to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. In their current form, the bills do not do enough to protect our drinking water and natural spaces.

The American Geological Institute has said that aggregate mining operations cause irreparable damage to our natural environment. Mining strips the land of trees and other greenery, devastates wildlife habitat, and degrades the quality of local soils. 

At a time when America is losing a football field of natural space every thirty seconds, we need to actively protect and conserve our greenspace – not strip and mine it. Michigan needs smart mining policies that prioritize aggregate recycling wherever possible to reduce the need for new mines. And, when new mines are necessary, our aggregate mining policies must include strong environmental protections and a land reclamation process that centers ecological health. 

Send a message to your lawmaker today urging them to vote “NO” on this incomplete legislation. By filling out the form below, your message will be sent to your lawmaker. 

Tell your lawmaker: Oppose legislation that strips money from contaminated site cleanup

The Bottle Deposit Law is in need of update and expansion, but any changes need to maintain or increase funding for contaminated site cleanup. Currently, about 75 percent of the unclaimed bottle deposits go towards contaminated site cleanup, with the remainder going to the beverage industry. 

Recently introduced legislation being pushed by special interest lobbyists takes millions of dollars designated to fund the clean-up of contaminated sites and puts it in the pockets of the beverage industry. With over 24,000 identified contaminated sites across the state, more resources are critical to support continued cleanup projects, not less.  

We need your help to prevent wealthy beverage industry owners from pocketing money that should be going toward cleaning up contaminated sites.

Send a message to your lawmaker urging them to protect our health by opposing HB 4443-4444.

Remove unfair restrictions for rooftop solar in Michigan

Rooftop solar in Michigan has been a huge success. As the technology has become more affordable, many Michiganders are installing solar panels on their rooftops to reduce their energy bills and do their part to reduce pollution in our air and combat climate change.

Major utility companies set in place an arbitrary 1% cap on the amount of customers that can hook up their rooftop solar installations to the energy grid to sell excess power. That cap has been reached by some of Michigan’s largest utility companies, which means additional customers who want to generate their own clean energy through rooftop solar will be unable to do so.

House Bill 4236 would remove this artificial cap and open the door for more Michiganders to lower their energy costs and reduce pollution in our air by generating their own clean energy. If lawmakers do not pass legislation to remove the cap, growth in rooftop solar will come to a halt in Michigan, closing the door on a huge opportunity to reduce pollution and create good clean energy jobs.

We need your help to send a message to your lawmaker urging them to pass House Bill 4236 to remove the cap on the amount of customers who can generate their own clean energy.

Send a message to President Biden urging him to support Gov. Whitmer’s Line 5 shutdown order

Enbridge Energy is officially operating the Line 5 Pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac illegally. 

In defiance of Gov. Whitmer’s order revoking Enbridge Energy’s Easement Agreement with the state of Michigan to shut down Line 5 due to the imminent threat to our Great Lakes, Enbridge Energy has continued to keep pumping oil under the Straits of Mackinac. 

We know Line 5 was only intended to operate safely for 50 years. 

We know an oil spill would impact more than 700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline.

And we know Line 5 is a ticking time bomb in our Great Lakes that must be shut down. 

Enbridge Energy is suing the state, challenging the order and is trying to move this case to the Supreme Court to delay the shutdown. We need your help by sending a message to President Biden urging him to support Gov. Whitmer’s shutdown order and reinforce Michigan’s authority to stop this dangerous pipeline. 

Tell your lawmaker: protect drop box voting in Michigan

Senate Bill 286 would require the closure of drop boxes by 5 p.m. on Election Day, reducing voter access and putting even more of a burden on local clerks to accept ballots in their offices without the necessary funding or resources that they need. 

Ballot drop boxes are commonly and effectively used across the country, and provide large numbers of Michigan voters with a safe, secure way to vote. Putting restrictions on the use of drop boxes will burden Michigan voters that have used drop boxes for years, especially in rural communities that don’t have updated infrastructure and face geographical barriers to voting. 

By contacting your senator and urging them to oppose Senate Bill 286, you can help make it clear that our lawmakers should be working to protect our freedom to vote, not putting up barriers. Take action: contact your senator and tell them to oppose SB 286 today. 

Tell your lawmaker: amend Senate Bill 300 to extend early voting

Lawmakers in the State Senate have put forward Senate Bill 300 that would allow for one day of early voting, which would fall on the Saturday prior to Election Day. 

Early voting is a great policy and one that Michiganders should be able to enjoy. However, providing only one day for early voting is not adequate. No state provides only one day of early voting, with the national average being 19 days. 

While many Michiganders already take advantage of in-person absentee voting at clerks offices and satellites, we are currently not able to take advantage of early, in-person voting, the process by which our votes are tabulated on the spot. Creating just one day during which ballots can be tabulated and then returning to an absentee procedure would be confusing for voters and difficult for clerks to execute logistically. 

By all measures, an effective early voting period should last at least several weeks. 

Send a message to your state Senator urging them to expand early voting in Senate Bill 300. 

By contacting your senator and urging them to amend Senate Bill 300 to increase the early voting period, you can help make it clear that our lawmakers should be working to protect our right to free and fair elections. 

Urge Your Lawmaker to Hold Polluters Accountable

Members of the Michigan House of Representatives recently introduced HB 4314, a bill that would hold corporate polluters responsible for contamination they cause so they foot the bill for cleanup, not taxpayers.

The bill would remove the statute of limitations for the state to file a civil claim in these cases, remove corporate officers who sit on panels who decide environmental regulations and permits, and require higher fines and bond levels to ensure corporations can pay for the cleanup when pollution occurs.

With threats to our water, like PFAS contamination, we need stronger accountability over parties responsible for contaminating our water.

Send a message to your lawmaker today, urging them to support legislation that would hold corporate polluters accountable for cleaning up and paying for their own messes. 

Tell your lawmaker: Support legislation to protect Michigan’s air and drinking water

Senate Bill 147 would repeal Public Act 602 of 2018, dubbed “No Stricter Than Federal,” which prohibits the state from setting protections for our air and drinking water that are more stringent than federal standards.

Given Michigan’s devastating history of water pollution and the presence of tens of thousands of contaminated sites across our state, there is an urgent need for stricter, proactive measures to protect the health of our communities. Restoring the state’s ability to set the highest and most protective standards that work for Michigan to protect our water systems and public health.

Send a message to your lawmaker today, urging them to support SB 147 to protect public health, and ensure all Michiganders have clean air and drinking water.

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