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Environmental Justice

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) are disproportionately impacted by pollution that comes from a number of sources, including power production, transportation, heavy industry and more.

For too long, solutions for environmental challenges have not prioritized communities that are impacted the most by pollution.

Michigan LCV stands with communities on the frontlines and environmental justice advocates to break the trend of disinvestment that has led to low-income and communities of color bearing the brunt of environmental impacts.

All Michiganders, regardless of their zip code, income or color of their skin deserve access to safe, affordable water, clean air to breathe and a healthy community with green spaces and access to nature.

Michigan LCV supports and advocates for including Justice 40 principles in all policymaking to ensure historically disadvantaged communities feel the benefits and are emphasized as we find equitable solutions to reducing pollution, protecting our water and transitioning our state to clean, renewable energy.

How Can I Help?

Thank Governor Whitmer and our lawmakers for enacting clean drinking water standards for schools

Filter First legislation requires schools and daycares to install water filter stations and monitor water quality to ensure it is safe to drink. This recently passed legislation will protect the health of children across the Great Lakes state and put parents’ minds at ease.

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Support Legislation for Independent Community Solar

Senate Bills 152 and 153 would remove unnecessary restrictions on local solar projects, making it easier for communities to generate their own clean, affordable solar energy.

Michigan has the highest energy costs in the Midwest and some of the worst service. Community solar can help residents lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Share Your Story

Our work centers around people like you getting involved and taking action. Your story is important. We want to know: What brings you to this work? By sharing your story, you can inspire others to get involved as we fight for a healthier future for all Michiganders

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Protect Michigan's Natural Resources and Public Health

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

All Michiganders deserve a just, liveable future, and we understand what’s at stake. We need to make sure our elected officials share our values. Achieving that is going to take education, advocacy, and political action.

And all three of those strategies rely on you — your commitment and your willingness to fight for justice and the people and places you love.


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