Meet the Staff

We pride ourselves on having the “best and brightest” staff around. Our tenacious, innovative team lives the mission and is proud to work every day to make Michigan a cleaner, greener place to live.


Lisa Wozniak

Executive Director


Nick Dodge

Communications Director

Abby Fischer

Digital Communications & Design Manager

Samantha Schubert

Visual Storytelling Manager

Zach Simón

Communications Associate

Democracy For All

Rodney Austin

Voting Rights Organizer

Brooke Harris

Democracy for All Director

Daniel Rivera

Elections Systems Coordinator

Mia Roberson

Voting Rights Manager

Government Affairs

Bentley Johnson

Federal Government Affairs Director

Nicholas Occhipinti

State Government Affairs Director

Chris Semrinec

State Government Affairs Coordinator

Hudson Villeneuve

Federal Government Affairs Coordinator

Logan Vorce

State Government Affairs Legislative Aide

Advocacy & Outreach

Gabriella Richley

Southeast MI Regional Organizer (Downriver)

Jace Bylenga

West Michigan Regional Organizer

Shannon Ervin

Southeast Michigan Regional Organizer

Taryn Indish

Northern Michigan Regional Organizer

Victor Jimenez

Southeast Michigan Regional Organizer

Amani Johnson

Southeast Michigan Regional Coordinator

Neil Oza

Southeast Michigan Green Canvassing Lead

Ethan Petzold

Political Coordinator

Victoria Stewart

Advocacy & Outreach Director

Wesley Watson

West Michigan Regional Coordinator

Wesley Wilson

West Michigan Green Canvassing Lead

Development & Partnerships

Lee Berry

Development Director

Lauren Mallas

Senior Director of Development & Partnerships

Roslyn Ogburn

Partnerships Coordinator

Arye Shannon-Carmichael

Development Administrator


Batoull Haidar

Operations & Finance Administrator

Ariana Riegel

Executive and Board Assistant

Ruby Summers

Operations Director
I’ve been grappling with toxic PFAS contamination and its health impacts for years. Michigan LCV has been with me every step of the way with the tools to get meaningful action on cleaning up our drinking water. Sandy Wynn-Stelt, Belmont

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