Elections Matter.

Whom you Elect Matters.

Together, we can change our state’s political landscape and establish Michigan as a leader in protecting our land, air and water. Explore our plan for electing more leaders who will stand up for the health of our communities and our natural resources.

How we work

Advocate: Regardless of which party is in power, you can count on us to be there, fighting to advance policies that protect our health, safety, and way of life.

Mobilize: When bad policies move forward and when good ideas need support, you can count on us to mobilize voters to take action when and where it will have the greatest impact.

Elect: When elections are held across the Great Lakes State, you can count on us to be there, fighting to elect the right leaders who will restore our state’s commitment to preserving our natural resources.

Hold accountable: When the media is no longer paying attention, you can count on us to be there tracking votes and keeping score, holding our elected officials accountable.

How we win

Start early, reaching voters and providing opportunities for action on our issues long before Election Day, making your priorities key issues,

Build non-traditional partnerships, forming new, united fronts on conservation issues and building clout for your desire to protect our Great Lakes and inland waterways,

Design and execute innovative campaign tactics that make big impacts with small amounts of resources, maximizing your impact,

Communicate strategically and creatively to important audiences, connecting your passion for clean water and clean air  to residents’ everyday lives and raising the profile of conservation issues in community conversations,

Keep you involved via regular updates and opportunities for action.

How you can make the difference

Donate. In competitive elections, every dollar counts and every dollar is an investment in cleaner air and cleaner water.

Volunteer. Your time and energy can help elect conservation candidates to office. Sign up and join our volunteer teams across the state. We’ll follow up with you to find opportunities to get involved that work for you.

Your support today makes it possible to put the policies in place that will protect our health, our economy and our Michigan way of life for years to come. 

“The only way we can guarantee that the protection of our Great Lakes, our clean air, our incredible public lands and our beloved inland lakes, rivers and streams are priorities for our state decision-makers is by ensuring these issues matter to those whom we elect in the first place.”

Lisa Wozniak

Executive Director, Michigan LCV