The People That Drive This Work

We are people-powered. Without you, we don’t have a movement.

Michiganders across the state are fighting for a cleaner, greener Michigan. Whether it’s volunteering, donating, taking action online — when you join Michigan LCV, you join a network of activists standing up to protect Michigan’s land, air, water, public health, and democracy.

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Emma Woelkers

This work is important to me because Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the country and I want them to remain the same for generations to come.


Armani Williamson

It’s one thing to be able to go out and vote, even in itself that’s amazing, right? But to also be able to be a part of this team and be able to help connect others to resources so that it can be easier for them to vote. That’s an honor.


Ally Solomon

We’re having these really good personalized conversations with voters out there. We try to have these conversations with everybody, open up the door to conversations about climate action making sure that the word gets spread.


Terri Wilkerson

Water is life. And it is not only for our lives but for the 3,500 species that depend upon the water, the indigenous people who have treaty rights, and our business, our tourism.


What can you do?

Our work centers around people like you getting involved and taking action. Your story is important. We want to know: What brings you to this work? By sharing your story, you can inspire others to get involved as we fight for a healthier future for all Michiganders

Join the movement to protect the Great Lakes state

And we’ll show you two ways to help. Together, we can be a voice for change and protect Michigan’s land, air, water, public health, and democracy.