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Clean Air and Climate Action

Clean air is essential for the health and well-being of our families and the environment. Unfortunately, the air we breathe is often polluted due to the lack of accountability by bad actors and polluting industries. In addition, some leaders are not committed to developing cleaner energy sources that can improve air quality while being cost-effective.

Families living near industrial facilities are particularly vulnerable to chronic air pollution, which can lead to serious health problems such as asthma and cancer. However, pollution control technologies are available and have been successful in many communities. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are also viable solutions that can create jobs while reducing carbon pollution.

We have already made progress in Michigan towards cleaner air and energy, but there is more work to be done. As a member of Michigan LCV, you have the power to make a difference by holding polluters accountable and advocating for cleaner air. By staying informed about recent victories and setbacks, you can take action to fight for our clean air. Together, we can launch Michigan to the forefront of clean energy and make a positive impact on our environment.

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Support Senator Stabenow: Include historic climate-smart funding in 2023 Farm Bill

Send Senator Stabenow a message of support to make sure her last Farm Bill takes full advantage of the funding for conservation measures and climate-conscious agricultural programs to expand sustainable farming practices.

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Remove Unfair Restrictions for Rooftop Solar in Michigan

Major utility companies set in place an arbitrary 1% cap on the amount of customers that can hook up their rooftop solar installations to the energy grid to sell excess power. That cap has been reached by some of Michigan’s largest utility companies, which means additional customers who want to generate their own clean energy through rooftop solar will be unable to do so.

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Support Legislation for Independent Community Solar

Senate Bills 152 and 153 would remove unnecessary restrictions on local solar projects, making it easier for communities to generate their own clean, affordable solar energy.

Michigan has the highest energy costs in the Midwest and some of the worst service. Community solar can help residents lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Protect Michigan's Natural Resources and Public Health


We can build Michigan's clean energy future

Michigan is poised to be a leader in clean energy jobs of the future, while also reducing energy costs and improving reliability of our electric grid.

Lawmakers in the State House and Senate have introduced legislation to put the governor’s MI Healthy Climate Plan into law.

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The Inflation Reduction Act

The investments spelled out in the Inflation Reduction Act will help jumpstart a necessary revolution in clean energy manufacturing and give us a window to fight back against future fossil fuel development. Overall, the package – as it currently stands – will cut U.S greenhouse gas emissions by 37 to 41 percent.

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Michigan League of Conservation Voters

All Michiganders deserve a just, liveable future, and we understand what’s at stake. We need to make sure our elected officials share our values. Achieving that is going to take education, advocacy, and political action.

And all three of those strategies rely on you — your commitment and your willingness to fight for justice and the people and places you love.


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There are big threats facing our communities and our state, but members like you are already making a difference.

You can help put Michigan back on track toward being a leader in the nation on clean water and strong environmental protections by helping us tackle the pressing issues facing our state and our communities.

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Because people like you are stepping up and taking action, Michigan LCV has been able to win when it counts. With your help, we are prepared to win the next one.

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