From the health of our families to the health of our world—there is nothing more essential than clean air.

Why is air unsafe to breathe in the first place?

  • Because elected officials are unwilling to hold bad actors accountable for being responsible partners to their communities.
  • Because our leaders won’t commit to developing cleaner energy sources that are both cheaper and better for our air quality.
  • Because many of our leaders don’t understand the impact that chronic air pollution has on the lives of families living near our industrial facilities; from asthma attacks to spiking cancer rates, the impact of tainted air can be devastating and requires serious action.

The good news is that there are solutions available that can dramatically improve air quality. Pollution control technologies are widely available and have been put to use in many communities, but not all. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are creating jobs while reducing carbon pollution.

It’s up to us to launch Michigan to the front of the class in clean energy and clean air. It won’t happen overnight, but we’ve made progress already.  Will you help us go even further?

Learn more about the latest threats to our clean air and how you can help improve air quality in communities around our state. Michigan LCV members like you have been speaking out, working to clean up our air and hold polluters accountable. Here are just a few recent victories, ongoing fights, as well as some setbacks we’ve faced:

  • Air Toxics Rule
  • On-bill financing
  • Ballot proposal?
  • EPA comment cards on CPP
  • improvements to energy bills
  • AK Steel
  • Petcoke/Peters