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Lansing, MI — The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today announced their endorsement of Hon. Richard Bernstein and State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden for Michigan Supreme Court. 

“The health of our land, air, water, Great Lakes, and democracy is dependent on electing leaders to all levels of government in Michigan, including the Michigan Supreme Court,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of Michigan LCV. “As proven leaders and legal experts over the course of their respective careers in public service, Hon. Richard Bernstein and Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden have both worked to protect the rights of Michiganders, the health of our environment, and the integrity of Michigan’s judicial system.”

Throughout their respective careers, Bernstein and Harris Bolden have demonstrated they care deeply about the health of Michigan’s land, air, water, and democracy and are committed to their protection. Just a few of their respective accomplishments to date include:

  • As a Michigan State Representative, Harris Bolden repeatedly supported the health of our communities and environment, voting for pro-environmental priorities, critical water infrastructure legislation, and co-sponsoring bills that would increase fines for polluting the Great Lakes, and hold polluters to higher cleanup standards for contaminated sites.
  • As an honorable member of the State Supreme Court, Justice Bernstein has ruled on historic cases to defend victims of the Flint Water Crisis’ constitutional rights to bodily autonomy, uphold the constitutionality of the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, and uphold the rights of Michiganders to appeal industry pollution permits within a 90-day period.

Michigan LCV’s endorsements are awarded to candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting the environment, the health of Michigan’s communities, and our democracy. The endorsements of Hon. Bernstein and State Rep. Harris Bolden were approved by a vote from the Michigan LCV Board of Directors. Learn more about our endorsement process at michiganlcv.org/elections.