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Michigan League of Conservation Voters Stands Among Those 

Calling for Racial Justice, Accountability, and an End to Violence

The staff and board of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Michigan LCV Education Fund are outraged and appalled by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other Black lives lost to racial violence. We grieve with families and communities across this nation and call for accountability of those who perpetuate violence under the badge of law. 

Police brutality is one of the ways that violence and harassment are upheld, but certainly not the only way.

Historic, systemic and pervasive racism and traumas of colonization and slavery make people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous communities in our country, fear for their families’ health, safety, and lives every single day.  Additionally, the current climate crisis and health pandemic are destroying communities of color at a disproportionate and alarming rate. 

We, as an organization, work to fight climate change because our polluted air is causing intense pain and suffering — not just to the planet, but to all human beings; largely those from Black and Indigenous communities.  We work on drinking water contamination, access and affordability because Flint is just one example in our state of dangerous levels of lead and toxic PFAS chemicals, and too many children, especially in Detroit, can’t drink the water coming out of the taps in both their homes and their schools. All of this is a form of systemic violence against lower-income communities, almost always black and brown. 

We have a responsibility to stand with those most affected by racist structures and systems, and work to dismantle anti-Black racism. We recognize the leadership of frontline organizations and individuals, and join with those calling for justice, accountability, and an end to the myriad of violence. We are committed to pushing back on systems that perpetuate racism, advocating for policies that address it, and aggressively working to elect leaders who will address these issues head-on.  

For those looking to support this mission, find below a list of resources:

Anti-Racism Resources

Financial support:

Detroit Justice Center Bail Fund

Brightmoor Food Pantry (Detroit)

We The People Detroit

Black Visions Collective