2024 Candidate Endorsements

2 Candidates Endorsed

Our elected officials take the needs and concerns of their constituents to Lansing with them, so it is our duty to make sure those we endorse will put the health of our communities and our natural resources at the top of their list.

Michigan State House

Peter Herzberg

Peter Herzberg

House District 25 (Democrat)
Mai Xiong

Mai Xiong

House District 13 (Democrat)

How We Endorse

All candidates seeking our endorsement must complete a questionnaire indicating their positions on key environmental, conservation and public health issues facing our state. Those issues include, but are not limited to: ensuring all Michiganders have water that is free from toxic contamination, taking strong action on climate change, supporting policies that address inequities in our society as they relate to clean air and access to clean water, and a willingness to hold polluters accountable.

Candidates who demonstrate values in line with Michigan LCV’s positions are then interviewed by Michigan LCV staff and board members. In these interviews, candidates are further evaluated on their positions on environmental, public health and environmental justice issues as well as their viability as candidates.

Our robust candidate endorsement process ensures we endorse candidates who will be environmental champions that put people, public health and our air, land and water first.

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