July 27th, 2023

Governor Whitmer has signed into law House bills 4317-4318, Senate bills 302-303, and Senate bill 288. These bills will increase access to clean energy, provide businesses more incentives to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental hazards, while also providing energy assistance to low-income residents. 

HBs 4317-4318 Solar Payment in Lieu of Taxes: These bills allow local governments to create special tax districts for utility scale solar energy projects that will provide a stable, predictable revenue source. This legislation will be crucial for expanding access to clean energy by allowing local governments an alternative payment to typical property taxes that incentivize the creation of utility-scale solar projects. 

SBs 302-303 Expanding Michigan’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE): These bills expand Michigan’s existing C-PACE statute, which provides funding for ener­gy efficiency, water conservation, and clean energy projects at commercial properties, to include climate resiliency projects and critical water upgrades. Increasing energy efficiency further reduces the amount of energy needed. This results in reduced energy costs and improved air quality from reduced emissions. 

SB 288: Removes the sunset on the Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP): This bill removes the expiration date on the current energy assistance program (MEAP) available to help low-income families with their energy bills. This program also helps customers become more energy efficient which increases energy savings and further reduces energy costs.