Abigail Barker is the Intern for the Political Outreach team as well as the Governs Affair team. She works mainly with the Political and Outreach team, where she mobilizes voters and empowers community members to take action on environmental and good governance issues. She assists the Government Affairs team by researching information on candidates and legislation.

Abigail began her internship during her senior year of college at Ferris State University in Traverse City. She has since graduated with her bachelor’s degree in social work. Her educational background and experience in the field have shaped her understanding of the intersection of environmental and socioeconomic issues. She is passionate about raising the voices of marginalized communities and advocating for human rights, such as clean drinking water for all.

In her spare time, Abigail tends to her garden and enjoys the beauty of Northern Michigan.

Abigail’s Favorite Place in Michigan: Old Setter’s Park in Empire Township.

You can reach Abigail at [email protected]