Victoria is Michigan LCV’s Director of Advocacy and Outreach. She has over a decade of work strongly focused on statewide and legislative candidate campaigns in battleground states and rural community organizing.

Victoria began her work focused on healthcare, building statewide coalitions dedicated to bettering health outcomes and reducing the health disparities plaguing low-income, houseless, and minority communities. After moving to the Midwest in 2018, she worked with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and became dedicated to climate, water, and renewable energy organizing and messaging in very polarized rural communities in Southwest Wisconsin. Victoria has worked heavily in statewide and federal candidate campaigns in swing states, partnering with national organizations around the country to increase voter education and turnout. She is passionate about digital organizing and fundraising, people power, and the ability for campaigns and organizing to create real, tangible change. 

Born on the West Coast, she has seen firsthand the effects of the climate crisis on our coastal communities. She now splits her time between Madison, Wisconsin and Hartford, Michigan. She is thrilled to be joining Michigan LCV.

You can reach Victoria at [email protected]