Rodney Austin

Voting Rights Organizer

Rodney Austin is MLCV’s Voting Rights Organizer on the Democracy for All team. Rodney is working toward their Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University with minors in Theatre and Leadership. Rodney says their minors in Leadership and Theatre have been especially helpful in their work at MLCV as it compliments their personality and skills as the Voting Rights Organizer.

Rodney has done extensive traveling from coast to coast in the United States. They have lived all over — including Iowa, California, and Texas, to name a few. The love of traveling, music, the arts, and culture keep Rodney going.

The will and determination for all cultures, creeds, and minorities to have an equal chance at education, knowledge, clean water, clean air, and equitable land are what drives Rodney in their work at Michigan LCV.

You can reach Rodney at [email protected]

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