Bill Phillips


Bill Phillips is a retired Electrical and Computer Engineer. Bill’s career included 13 years with a micro-electronics start-up and 14 years in product development at Ford Motor Company. His skills and roles include quality, reliability, and engineering of electrical systems. Both professional and educational experiences illustrate a focus on systematic thinking applied to design and management of complex systems. His master’s thesis at MIT-Sloan was on error-proofing the software design process. More recently, Bill was awarded a certificate in engineering education and research from the University of Michigan concurrent with his master’s degree in design science.

In retirement, Bill has served on non-profit boards such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County and Covenant House Academies. He has also volunteered with Huron River Watershed Council and the Hands-on Museum. His interest in environmental and political issues date back to the 1970’s with his involvement in boy scouts (as a senior patrol leader and Eagle Scout) and political activities including the bottle bill campaign.

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