Every eligible Michigan citizen deserves to have their vote counted, and in a well-functioning democracy, the people should be able to hold their government officials accountable. Unfortunately, each year we see new threats to the health of Michigan’s democratic process. 

Michigan LCV is committed to enabling good governance best practices, and promoting free, fair, safe, and transparent elections where everyone has easy access to the ballot.

Ensuring Secure and Equal Access to the Ballot

In recent years, Michigan’s election system has faced repeated attacks on its integrity and there have been several efforts to restrict access to the ballot – with disproportionate impact. In a well functioning democracy, access to the ballot is easy, free and fair, our elections are well-funded,  and the systems secure from fraud or suppression.  

It is incumbent upon our elected officials to support election administration in a way that guarantees system security without sacrificing equitable access to the ballot:

More than 250 election audits confirmed the accuracy of Michigan’s 2020 election. 

State of Michigan

Research has shown that enacting stricter ID requirements that MI’s current law can disproportionately harm voters of color

— University of California – San Diego

The Michigan Senate Committee on Oversight released a bipartisan report demonstrating that Michigan’s elections system is overall safe and secure. 

— Michigan Senate GOP

Policies to expand access to Michigan’s ballot while ensuring election integrity:

Allow clerks to pre-process absentee ballots at least 10 days prior to election day to ensure absentee ballots are counted quickly and safely on election day. This will reduce confusion regarding unofficial election results.

Establish a poll challenger training program to educate poll challengers on the election process and their rights and responsibilities before they serve

Increase funding and modernize Michigan’s elections to ensure access to the ballot is convenient, and election results remain accurate.

Encouraging a Transparent, “Good Government” 

In a 2015 study conducted by the Coalition for Public Integrity, Michigan ranked last among all American states in transparency and good governance. To better serve Michigan citizens, the Michigan legislature must increase public access to information, reform our campaign finance system, and put systems in place to ensure ethical conduct for those in public offices.

Michigan received the following grades from the Coalition for Public Integrity:

  • Public Access to Information: F (Rank: 42/50)
  • Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Accountability: F (Rank: 50/50)
  • Political Financing: F (Rank: 32/50)
  • State Budget Process: B+ (Rank: 8/50)
  • Electoral Oversight: B- (Rank: 5/50)

Policies to improve accountability and transparency in government:

Expand the Freedom of Information Act to the Governor, senior level executive cabinet staff, and the Legislature

Require comprehensive financial disclosures for all state elected officials, including members of the State Legislature

Reform campaign finance reporting laws to limit SuperPAC expenditures and increase reporting requirements for “dark money” organizations