Share Your Water Story

The Flint Water Crisis, Line 5 pipeline, pollutants leaking into our lakes and bodies — enough is enough.

Stand with your fellow Michiganders and make a video to demand change. 

Michigan LCV is talking to voters across the state and sharing their water stories with elected officials to make it clear that Michiganders want safe, affordable drinking water to be at the forefront of the agenda in Lansing. These videos will lead the way in showing our leaders what matters most to us: our water.

With your help, we can make sure our voices and our stories are all heard. Share yours today!

Need some tips? Here are the guidelines:

  • Write our hashtag #OurWaterOurVote with a marker in large letters on a piece of paper
  • Hold up that piece of paper as you film the video
  • Film your video vertically with your phone
  • Keep it under 45 seeconds
  • Be yourself!

What do I say? Feel free to tell your story however you want, but if you’d prefer to stick to a script, we have one ready for you:

“My name is (blank), and I am from (blank), MI. I care about Michigan’s water because (blank). So protect Michigan. Our water, our vote.”

Some reasons you might want to use:

  • I drink the water
  • Finding out there was lead in Flint’s drinking water freaked me out, and I want to know what protections for safe drinking water are in place.
  • I want future generations to have a clean environment to live in.
  • I believe that clean drinking water is a human right.

When you’re done, post your video on social media with the hashtag #OurWaterOurVoices and tag two friends! We’ll be sharing all of your stories along the way.

This is our moment. Michigan is front-and-center in the 2018 election.

 We have an opportunity reclaim our state’s status as a national leader in environmental conservation and water protection.

It’s time for a pro-conservation majority in Lansing that’s ready to fight for #OurWater, but we need your help!