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LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Rick Snyder’s decision to replace the 65-year-old Line 5 pipeline with a new pipeline encased in a tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac.

Replacing the dangerous Line 5 pipeline with another risky oil pipeline keeps our Great Lakes in peril of a disastrous oil spill,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of Michigan LCV. “Governor Snyder’s support of a new Great Lakes oil pipeline, an idea proposed by Enbridge Energy themselves, is simply an effort to keep oil pumping through the damaged Line 5 oil pipeline as long as possible, despite the unacceptance risk a rupture poses to our drinking water and Great Lakes way of life.”

“The good news: this November Michigan voters will elect a new governor and so far only one candidate has pledged to end the cozy relationship Enbridge has enjoyed, shut down Line 5 and keep our Great Lakes free of oil pipelines and that’s Gretchen Whitmer,” Wozniak added.


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