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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

Contact: Katie Parrish, Communications Director, (239) 537-9507

Michigan LCV Board to Legislature: Reject bills limiting powers of Attorney General, Secretary of State


LANSING – Members of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters’ bipartisan board of directors and advisory board, including Phil Roos, Joe Schwarz, Bob Sutherland, Larry Bell and Elizabeth Welch, issued the following joint statement calling on lawmakers to reject recently introduced legislation that would limit the powers of the incoming Secretary of State and Attorney General. 

“We are deeply disappointed by the shocking disregard some members of our Legislature apparently have for the democratic process in our state.  The bills introduced to change the rules and strip power from our incoming elected leaders is an embarrassing partisan ploy that could have devastating consequences on our environment, Great Lakes and public health. These bills are being offered by entirely men and are clearly designed to limit the role that newly elected women will play in our state’s governance.” 

The Michigan LCV board is urging lawmakers to reject the following legislation:

  • House Bill 6553 which would undermine the power of the Attorney General by allowing the Legislature to intervene in court cases
  • Senate Bill 1176 which would eliminate the ability of public agencies, such as the office of the Attorney General, to require campaign disclosures from nonprofit organizations
  • Senate Bill 1250 which would establish an independent commission to oversee campaign finance issues, stripping the responsibility away from the Secretary of State 

“The bills being pushed during this legislative session form a dangerous precedent. Together, they represent an unraveling of our democracy, a blatant disregard of the will of the people, and would sever the constitutionally-mandated separation of powers between our various branches of government. Michiganders should be outraged. What we are seeing in Lansing threatens democracy and the future of our Great Lakes State. We urge lawmakers and the Governor to reject these bills and relegate them where they belong: in the trash can.”