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LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters today renewed their call for a Line 5 shutdown, following information released from Enbridge Energy Monday detailing the extent of damage incurred when an anchor from a tugboat struck the pipeline in April. The new information comes as AAA recently released a report projecting 1.3 million Michiganders will travel for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

“A Line 5 rupture would devastate our Great Lakes and beautiful shoreline and completely upend our state’s tourism industry, which supports thousands of jobs and brings millions of dollars to our state each year,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “The recent anchor strike that dented the pipeline and broke cables, spilling hundreds of gallons of pollutants into our Great Lakes is unacceptable. Line 5 should be shut down immediately to prevent a devastating oil spill in our Great Lakes.”


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