Effective: 2019-2020

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HB 4454 would increase the fines associated with dumping large amounts of litter and change the punishment structure from a civil infraction to a misdemeanor after the first violation. This bill establishes an increasing scale of punishments and fines associated with littering in volumes over ½ a cubic yard. For a first offense under ½ cubic yard in volume, the fine would remain at $1,500 and state civil infraction. For repeat offenses between ½ a cubic yard and 5 cubic yards in volume, the fines would increase by $500 for each additional offense, and the individual would be guilty of a misdemeanor subject to a penal fine. If the litter exceeds 5 cubic yards, the fine would increase to $5,000 misdemeanor, with an increase to $10,000 for each subsequent similar violation. Fine revenue would be directed towards the local community group, municipal, county or township government taking responsibility for site clean-up. The bill would also authorize the courts to order a guilty party to remove the litter and pursue any needed community remediation to undo damage done.

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