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Term: 1999 – 2011

Justice Maura Corrigan was elected to the Michigan Supreme Court in 1998 and re-elected 2006. She served as Chief Justice from 2001-2004. Though her term was to expire in 2015, she left the Court in 2011 and was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to head the Department of Human Services.

Justice Corrigan graduated from Marygrove College and the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law. She served as a law clerk on the Michigan Court of Appeals before becoming a United States Attorney. She worked in private practice at the Plunkett & Cooney law firm in Detroit, and was appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals by Gov. John Engler (R) in 1992. She served as Chief Judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals from 1997-1998.

Notable environmental decisions authored by Justice Corrigan include…

Green Gavels Rating by Case

AG Not Allowed to Appeal Leaking Underground Storage Tank Case

Beach Walking on the Great Lakes Shoreline

Citizens Lose Ability to Protect Environment by Challenging a Permit

Court Limits Ability of “Any Person” to Protect Michigan’s Environment

Court Upholds Saginaw’s Ban on Hunting

DNR’s Burt Lake Boat Launch Subject to Local Zoning Control

Environmental Contamination is a Factor in Eminent Domain Valuation

New Cranberry Farm Subject to Wetland Permits

No Compensation for Victims of Toxic Dioxin Exposure

No Eminent Domain Compensation for Highway Construction Effects

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