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Term: 2011-2015

Justice Mary Beth Kelly was elected to the Supreme Court on November 2, 2010. On August 17, 2015, she announced her resignation from the Supreme Court effective October 1, 2015.

Prior to becoming a judge, Kelly worked in the private practice of law. She joined the law firm Dickinson Wright in 1987 and became a partner at the firm, where her work focused on commercial litigation. She was appointed to the 3rd Circuit Court in 1999 by Gov. John Engler, where she served for 11 years. She served as Chief Judge until 2007.

Green Gavels Rating by Case

Equitable Jurisdiction Applies to Drain Code Disputes only when Constitutional Concerns are Implicated

Municipalities Can Be Responsible for Private Sewage Discharge

No Noneconomic Damages for Negligent Destruction of Property

Shooting Ranges May Not Be Subject to Zoning Controls

Utility-Owned Electric Transmission Equipment is Partially Subject to State Use Tax

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