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Term: 1973-1997

Justice Charles Levin was elected to the Michigan Supreme Court in 1972. He was continually re-elected until his retirement in 1997.

Justice Levin graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School. He was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1947. In 1966, he was elected to the Michigan Court of Appeals, where he served until his election to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Notable environmental cases decided by Justice Levin include…

Green Gavels Rating by Case

Court Upholds DNR’s Authority to Search Fishing Vessels

Court Upholds Gov. Milliken’s Phosphorus Rule to Protect Lake Huron

Court Upholds Governor’s Authority to Reorganize the DNR

Courts Must Allow Local Zoning Boards to Re-Zone

DNR Liable for Beach Erosion on Grand Traverse Bay

Groundwater Pollution is No Nuisance for Lowering Property Values

Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant Subject to Local Zoning Controls

Insurer Must Defend Company in Chemical Dumping Lawsuit

Insurer Must Defend Potential Polluter in EPA Investigation

Kalkaska Can’t Lease Oil & Gas Beneath City Streets

Liability Insurance Coverage for Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

Local Zoning Control Weakened for Natural Resource Extraction

Natural Gas Pipeline Requires Local Township Approval

No Insurance Defense Coverage for Clare’s Leaking Landfill

No Insurance Defense for Leaking Underground Storage Tank

No Insurance Defense for Woodhaven’s Pesticide Application

No State Reimbursement for Livingston County Landfill Upgrades

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