There is nothing more vital and nothing more vulnerable than our clean drinking water.

Pollution in our water is measured in parts per billion, so there is truly no room for error in protecting the water we drink. In recent years, Michiganders have come to know better than most just how high the stakes can be when a community’s clean water is compromised.

Whether it’s the Flint water crisis, toxic algae plaguing our lakes, or oil spills clogging our rivers, there has been no shortage of threats facing our clean water.

But it does not have to be this way. While our elected leaders can’t always predict the next crisis facing our water, they can and should be taking steps to deal with problems in our water before they become full-blown crises. The trouble is that too often our elected leaders do not prioritize protecting our clean water.

That’s why the actions of Michigan LCV members (people like you!) are so important. You, the voter, have the power to help ensure that Michigan’s water supply is safe and secure.

Together we have already shown that Michiganders can make big things happen for our clean water:

  • Flint crisis
  • Algae
  • Oil pipelines
  • Mercury pollution