May 15th, 2023

AG Nessel has joined an amicus brief to support holding fossil fuel companies accountable for misleading the public and worsening the climate crisis. The brief, filed in conjunction with multiple other states, argued the cases of City of Oakland v. BP et al. should stay within state jurisdiction even as oil companies attempt to move the case to federal courts. The brief argued that with this case, the states and municipalities play a key role in protecting their citizens’ health and welfare, especially from environmental harms like climate change. 

The burning of fossil fuels by oil companies has significantly accelerated the warming of the atmosphere and climate change. As the clean energy revolution begins, fossil fuel companies will need to continually be held accountable for their actions in knowingly accelerating the climate crisis. In signing this brief, AG Nessel is signaling that Michigan will continue to protect our health and welfare from Big Oil interests that continue to burn fossil fuels.

Read the full letter here >>

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