These days, it seems that everyone claims to be “going green.”

It’s easy for elected officials to say they support clean air, clean water and vibrant parks and open space. But we all know that, in politics, spoken promises don’t always add up to action. That’s why Michigan LCV provides voters like you with the resources you need to:

  • Learn who values and acts to protect land, air and water at every level of state government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
  • Hold elected officials accountable for their actions.
  • Track decisions and legislation that impacts our natural resources and our communities.

By staying informed, supporting action and demanding better, Michigan LCV is able to do the important work of turning environmental issues into political priorities here in Michigan.

Fighting for a Conservation Majority

Michigan LCV is proud to stand with members like you as the non-partisan political voice for protecting Michigan’s land, air and water. We don’t work to build a Democratic or a Republican majority; our goal is to build a conservation majority. We need more elected officials who are committed to conservation.

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Right now– out of a total 110 members of the State House of Representatives–there are 55 anti-conservation votes, 16 maybe votes, and 39 consistently pro-conservation votes.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 at 10.19.06 AM

Out of a total of 38 members of the State Senate- there are 22 anti-conservation votes, 5 maybe votes, and 11 consistently pro-conservation votes.

To learn more and track the job performance of your elected officials, use our accountability tools featured in the drop-down menu on the right including the Environmental Scorecard and How Green Is Your Governor. Help us hold legislators accountable and protect the Great Lakes State.

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