Executive Coordinator & Logistics Manager

Emily grew up in the southeast, but has been drawn to the Great Lakes since her first summer spent on the water as a teenager. For the greater part of the last 5 years, she found her home in the polar regions amongst ice, whales, penguins and polar bears where the effects of climate change are particularly evident.

Before rooting herself in Ann Arbor, nearly 10 months of the year were lived on expedition ships in Antarctica, the Norwegian/Canadian Arctic, Greenland and Iceland. There, she filled the roles of logistics manager/assistant expedition leader, naturalist/guide and marine biologist/polar bear specialist.

Her most recent travels took her through the Northwest Passage as assistant expedition leader and the South Pacific where she served as tour manager and naturalist in the Kimberley (Australia), Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, the Cook Islands, Society Islands/French Polynesia, East Timor, Bali and beyond. Before her life on ships, Emily fed her hunger for exploration with expeditions in Kenya, Egypt, Norway, Peru, Belize and Ecuador to name a few.

During her academic career, Emily received numerous grants to support her research with neurodegenerative disorders, specifically Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and early-onset torsion dystonia before graduating with a Political Science degree.

More than anything, Emily is passionate about preserving the Earth’s beautiful and wild places – she relishes being on/in the water, tinkering with boats and hiking with her two dogs: Floki (Great Dane) and Guinness (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

You can reach Emily at emilywoods@michiganlcv.org