Our elected officials take the needs and concerns of their constituents to Lansing with them, so it is our duty to make sure those we endorse will put the health of our communities and our natural resources at the top of their list.

How we endorse: 
Our endorsements come with careful consideration and a thorough vetting process. To earn our endorsement, candidates complete a questionnaire to articulate clear positions on the most pressing environmental and conservation issues facing Michigan. Candidates that demonstrate satisfactory environmental values are then asked to complete an in-person interview with Michigan LCV staff and board members. In these interviews, we not only evaluate candidates’ environmental views, but also their viability as a candidate.

If you are a candidate seeking endorsement, please contact Baldomero Gonzalez, Political and Outreach Director, at baldomero@michiganlcv.org or call our office at 734-222-9650.

2016 General Election Endorsements

Candidate:House District:Party:Win/Loss:
Scott Dianda110DWin
John Kivela109DWin
Larry Inman104RWin
Dan Scripps101DLoss
Scott VanSingel100RWin
Collene Lamonte91DLoss
Mary Whiteford80RWin
Kim LaSata79RWin
Winnie Brinks76DWin
David LaGrand75DWin
Rob VerHeulen74RWin
Sam Singh69DWin
Andy Schor68DWin
Tom Cochran67DWin
Jon Hoadley60DWin
Tom Redmond56DLoss
Adam Zemke55DWin
Yousef Rabhi53DWin
Donna Lasinski52DWin
Phil Phelps49DWin
Martin Howrylak41RWin
Christine Greig37DWin
Peter Lucido36RWin
Jeremy Moss35DWin
Sheldon Neeley34DWin
Bill Sowerby31DWin
Michael Notte30DLoss
Tim Greimel29DWin
Robert Wittenberg27DWin
Henry Yanez25DWin
Dana Camphous-Peterson24DLoss
Darrin Camilleri23DWin
John Chirkun22DWin
Kristy Pagan21DWin
Kevin Hertel18DWin
Bill LaVoy17DLoss
Robert Kosowski16DWin
Abdullah Hammoud15DWin
Frank Liberati13DWin
Erika Geiss12DWin
Leslie Love10DWin
LaTanya Garrett7DWin
Stephanie Chang6DWin
Brian Banks1DWin
Candidate:Senate District:Party:Win/Loss:
Ian Conyers4DWin

2016 primary election endorsements

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) celebrated the results of the August 2016 Primary, as 19 of the 22 candidates endorsed by Michigan LCV were victorious and will head to the general election on Nov. 8. Below you’ll find the full list of candidates endorsed ahead of the 2016 primary as well as their individual election results. Click here for additional details and commentary on the primary results.


Candidate:State House District:Primary Win/ Loss
Brian Banks (D)1Win
Stephanie Chang (D)6Win
LaTanya Garrett (D)7Win
Leslie Love (D)10Win
Erika Geiss (D)12Win
Frank Liberati (D)13Win
Jeff Chicoine (D)14Loss
Abdullah Hammoud (D)15Win
Kevin Hertel (D)18Win
John Chirkun (D)22Win
Henry Yanez (D)25Win
Bill Sowerby (D)31Win
Martin Howrylak (R)41Win
Yousef Rabhi (D)53Win
Tom Cochran (D)67Win
Andy Schor (D)68Win
Ryan Arnt (R)79Loss
Mary Whiteford (R)80Win
Sean Mullally (D)92Loss
Scott VanSingel (R)100Win
Larry Inman (R)104Win
John Kivela (D)109Win

These 22 candidates have shown a commitment to protect the state we live in, and we’re going to fight to ensure that their names will be on the ballot for November’s election. Michigan cannot succeed as a state without the efforts of elected officials at all levels to tackle the many threats facing our natural resources — from insecure drinking water to chronic air pollution to attacks on our state parks, Michiganders deserve much better.” – Jack Schmitt, Deputy Director

Endorsement Archive


2015 Special Election


The Michigan League of Conservation Voters endorses David LaGrand in his bid to represent the 75th State House District in the upcoming special election. House District 75 consists of much of the City of Grand Rapids and it was held by Rep. Brandon Dillon until July, when he resigned to become Michigan Democratic Party Chair.


2015 Grand Rapids Mayoral Race

Endorsed Candidate:Office:Percentage of Vote:Win/Loss:
Rosalynn BlissMayor of Grand Rapids66%Win

2014 General Election


Endorsed Candidate:Office:Vote Differential:Win/Loss:
Mark SchauerGovernor47% – 51%Loss


Vote Differential:
Win/ Loss
Theresa Abed (D)71310 votesLoss
Winnie Brinks (D)7652% – 46%Win
Jon Bumstead (R)10063% – 37%Win
Stephanie Chang (D)694% – 6%Win
Tom Cochran (D)6754% – 46%Win
Scott Dianda (D)11061% – 39%Win
Gretchen Driskell (D)5256% – 44%Win
Pam Faris (D)4862% – 38%Win
Anthony Forlini (R)2459% – 39%Win
Tim Greimel (D)2974% – 26%Win
David Haener (D)2348% – 52%Loss
Jon Hoadley (D)6070% – 30%Win
Marcia Hovey-Wright (D)9267% – 33%Win
Jeff Irwin (D)5382% – 18%Win
Bradford Jacobsen (R)4669% – 31%Win
Collene Lamonte (D)9158 votesLoss
Bill LaVoy (D)1760% – 40%Win
Paul Muxlow (R)8362%-38%Win
Kristy Pagan (D)2155% – 45%Win
Phil Phelps (D)4974% – 26%Win
Amanda Price (R)8968% – 32%Win
Al Pscholka (R)7959% – 39%Win
Sarah Roberts (D)1862% – 38%Win
David Rutledge (D)5475% – 25%Win
Andy Schor (D)6877% – 23%Win
Sam Singh (D)6968% – 32%Win
Tom Stobie (D)101321 votesLoss
Rob Verheulen (R)7469% – 31%Win
Adam Zemke (D)5568% – 32%Win
Jim Ananich (D)2777% – 39%Win
Steve Bieda (D)968% – 32%Win
Morris W. Hood III (D)380% – 20%Win
Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D)862% – 38%Win
David Knezek (D)582% – 18%Win
Sean McCann (D)2060 votesLoss
Wayne Schmidt (R)3761% – 39%Win
Dian Slavens (D)748% – 52%Loss
Rebekah Warren (D)1872% – 28%Win

2014 Primary Election

% of Vote in Primary
Primary Win/Loss
Frank Foster10746% Loss
Kristy Pagan2144.6% Win
Wayne Schmidt3754% Win

2012 General Election

Candidate:District:Vote Differential in General:General Win/Loss
Allen O’Shea101 49% – 51% Loss
Lon Johnson103 47% – 53% Loss
Sharon Gray108 45% – 55% Loss
Scott Dianda110 52% – 48% Win
Mike Huckleberry70 46% – 54% Loss
Jon Switalski28 79% – 21% Win
Rob VerHeulen74 66% – 34% Win
Wayne Schmidt104 57% – 43% Win

2012 Primary Election

% of Vote in Primary
Primary Win/Loss
Jon Switalski
Rob VerHeulen 74 57% Win
Wayne Schmidt 104 65% Win
Gary Rolls 4 69% Win
Stan Ponstein 7 62% Win
Bill Hirsch 10 49% Loss

2010 Endorsement Results – General and Primary

2008 Endorsement Results