Bills to Protect Kids from Toxic Chemicals Introduced in Michigan

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Putting limits on toxic chemicals in our children's products. No brainer legislation right? Yet, it hasn't always been an easy push to get our state senators and representatives to pass these sort of laws. However, over the past few months the Michigan legislature has introduced a number of bi-partisan bills that work to protect children’s health and reduce the exposure to these toxic chemicals. rubber duck toxic chemicals

Everything from stronger restrictions on cadmium and mercury in children’s jewelry and toys, limiting the use of lindane--a pesticide used on kid’s heads to treat lice, and creating a list of the most harmful chemicals and requiring large manufacturers to disclose which of their products contain these chemicals. These newly introduced bills show that the momemtum is building to make Michigan a safer, healthier place to live.

To see a complete list of bills relating to protecting kids from toxic chemicals, visit the Great Michigan Legislation Watch page.

It's so important to restrict the use of these chemicals and heavy metals, because even small exposure  are linked to cancers, reproductive harm, and developmental disorders. Children are the most vulnerable because their bodies are still growing and their systems still developing. Because of this, even small amounts of toxic chemicals can have lifelong effects.

While these bills are the first step toward providing Michigan families the right-to-know what toxic chemicals are found in many of our consumer products, what we need most is a federal policy to protect our children.

If you are wondering what toxic chemicals might be lurking in your holiday gifts, you can join the Citizen Science Corps and send in your materials to be tested.

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